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 Miller  Saddle Price List
Model                   Price         Seat Size
Trail                   975.00       15"/16"/17"
Normal Western saddle comes standard with back rigging.
Buena Vista     1095.00       19"
 Suspended seat, slightly wider twist, feet slightly forward.                                    
Buena Vista     1095.00        21"                
Endurance       1095.00        17"/18"/19"      
Suspended seat, narrow twist and deep seat, hand hold only, Equitation style seat.
The seat sizes are equivalent to 16"/17"/18", but you should order a seat up from what your use to, due to the deep seat.  Example: If you ride in a 16, you need an 18.  Also comes standard with D- ring for Center Fire rigging.
Old Timer        1095.00       17"/18"
Suspended seat, narrow twist, deep seat but a Wade Fork type Pommel. This saddle sits just like the Endurance above.  Order a size up.
Old Timer        1095.00        20"
All Miller saddles come standard with: EZ ride trail stirrups, stirrup turners, border tooling, horn or no horn (except Endurance) and stainless steel or brass hardware.
Endurance-comes with D-ring angled, order it with extra long strap if you want it to be able to have full center fire rigging.
Trail- comes with standard back rigging
Buena Vista- Center Fire rigging or western 
Options- Saddles with Diamonds, Studs, Buck Stitched or basket weave add $189. Floral-$99.00, Texas Star conchos-$89, Square skirts-$150, Bucking roll-$75, stitched seat-79.00 and Back rigging-$45.  Basketweave or floral overlay-235.00.  Leather strings for tying are 4 sets for $25.00
Shipping-Saddles usually about $60.00 in most States
BW-Basket Weave, Di-Stainless Steel Diamonds, Fl- Floral Tooling, BS-Buck Stitched, St- Stainless Steel Studs
Breast Collars
Plain                       69.00
Border                    79.00
Di, Fl, BS, St          85.00
Texas Stars             79.00
 Basket weave         95.00
Plain                        79.00
Border                     89.00    
BW, Fl,                   99.00
Di, BS, St                99.00
Texas Stars              99.00
Halter Bridles add 10.00. 
Regular or User friendly.  I recommend the user friendly!
Saddle Bags
Plain                       150.00  
BW, Fl, or DMDS  185.00  
 LG bags fancied up are $225
Pommel Bags
Plain                       69.00
BW, Fl                    79.00
BW with diamonds or studs 99.00

Cantle bag-79.00


Saddles maybe exchanged for a different size if they are a normal stock saddle, meaning no extras added, just a basic saddle.

If it is found that nothing works size wise for your horse I will take the saddle back as long as its in new condition, no sweat on the fenders and no scratches.  There will be a 15% restocking fee at that time at my desecration. 

If you order a custom saddle it is yours to keep, I will gladly help you sell it at n/c if it does not work for you.

I do have demos available to solve these issues. :)

All prices are subject to change
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