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 We carry a wide range of Henry Miller and Crooked Creek Saddles to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or Email for more information on products, and custom options and don't forget we offer layaway anytime of the year!
Please keep in mind when looking at these saddles, that there are a lot of options for each model.  Customization available for saddle color, seat color, type of fenders, horn or no horn, saddle size, tree size, style of stirrups, rosettes or Texas Stars, style of tooling and other misc. options .  These are just some examples in the style shown, not the way they must be ordered. 

Buena Vista Plantation Saddle $1095
Buena Vista Plantation Saddle $1095
Our most popular model! Light weight and extremely comfortable! Seat is suspended, so nothing hard touches your tush. Comes with Western or English leathers, horn or no horn and it is made with the stirrups set a little more forward.Comes in Standard or Wide tree. Comes in size 19 or 21 only. Equivalent to about a 16 and 19.

Weighs around 24lbs.
Endurance  $1095.00
Endurance $1095.00
Another super comfy and lightweight saddle, the Endurance saddle is built for the active rider. This model only comes with no horn. The Old Timer closely resembles this seat if you need or want a horn. Built on a suspended narrower twist seat, the rider sits in a balanced posture allowing your legs to hang straight down from the hips. It has what is referred to as a "deep pocket" with a high cantle and high pommel hand-hold. Due to the design of the deep seat you might consider ordering one size up. Standard rigging is double rigging although you can opt to add center fire if desired. Comes with D rings in back for center fire rigging.

The Endurance saddle can be built with either western or english fenders and all options, except a horn, are available.

It weighs around 24 lbs and now comes any tree.
Standard seat sizes are 17/18/19 If you ride in a 16 " normally than order an18 "
Trail Saddle  $975
Trail Saddle $975
Built on either semi quarter or full quarter horse tree, this is a low-profile western saddle. A traditional flat seat with a cheyenne roll cantle, short round skirt, brass rings and texas stars, latigo ties, horn or no horn, double layer skirting, blevins buckle western fenders or english leathers, and weighing in at around 24 lbs. This model is sometimes called the "Kentuckian" saddle.

Stirrups: The Trail saddle comes standard with leather covered EZ Ride endurance stirrups. You can trade the endurance stirrups for traditional western.
Standard seat sizes are 15/16/17

Square skirting is also available at an extra charge.

Old Timer $1195
Old Timer $1195
The Old Timer saddle is extremely comfortable and is a deep pocket seat saddle, built with a Wade Fork pommel and a high cantle (+7"). Built on the suspended seat, riders are securely positioned in this saddle in a posture that allows a natural balanced legs, straight down from the hips position. The western fenders on this saddle are loosely hung, therefore allowing the rider to position their legs in whatever position they need. You can build this saddle with horn or no horn, english leathers or western fenders.
This makes a fine looking MULE saddle too!
Note: In the photos, the high pommel would allow for a high-withered horse.

Weighing in at 27 lbs, the Old TImer comes in full quarter tree.
Seat sizes are 17/18 optional 20" too
Equivalent to a 16/18/19 Always order a size up on a deep seat saddle. So if you ride in a 16 " western that is like Henry's 17 but then go to an 18 on this saddle because its a deep seat.
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